Carole Colter

Executive Director

Carole currently serves as the Executive DirectoR of Memphis Tilth and also serves as a consultant working on food systems issues related to: increasing community access to healthy local food, addressing issues of food equity, social justice, and economic disparities, as well as connecting rural and urban agriculture initiatives for sustainable food systems change.

Aside from her academic career and community work, Carole maintains a home garden with a backyard flock of chickens. “I am committed to natural and sustainable growing practices and hope to encourage my community in becoming more knowledgeable about food sources and food security through urban agriculture. I think this message starts at home.” As a Memphian and as a mother, Carole feels very strongly about public service and commitment to community. 

Chris Peterson

alpha omega veterans services urban farm manager  

Christopher Peterson fell in love with agriculture during college after witnessing first hand the intersection of food, community development, and social justice in agricultural projects in Nicaragua and Argentina. After graduating from Christian Brothers University where he co-founded the campus’ first community garden, he completed his M.A. in Human Values and Global Ethics at King’s College London, focusing on the ethics of sustainable food systems.

Upon returning from London, in 2012 Christopher took the reigns of GrowMemphis as the organization’s first Executive Director. Under his leadership the organization helped to found dozens of community gardens in the greater Memphis area, and he served as Chair for both the Food Advisory Council for Memphis and Shelby County and the Tennessee Food Policy Council. He served in those positions until 2015 when he founded Loch Holland Farm, a sustainable farm in Saulsbury, TN specializing in producing high quality, pasture raised meat through managed intensive grazing. At the same time, he worked as a field hand at Tubby Creek Farm, a Certified Naturally Grown vegetable farm in Ashland, MS.

In addition to his passion for agriculture and community food systems, Christopher has taught Ethics as an Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at Christian Brothers University and other local colleges since 2015. He also writes and publishes on food justice, ethics, and the environment.

Becca Hart

alpha omega veterans services community garden organizer

Becca comes to us as a graduate student at University of Memphis in the Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling program. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science, but found herself straying away from policy with a desire to make a more tactile impact in a broken food system. She elected to first learn where food came from by spending several years working on organic farms around the country. Becca’s interest in counseling actually spurred from her passion for farming, and there she discovered a unique way to connect more deeply with others and nature, and to facilitate growth.

Most recently, she worked as a Career Advisor at Memphis College of Art assisting students with their professional development. She sees strong parallels between agriculture, therapy, and human development. In her role as AOVS Community Garden Organizer, Becca is a member of the farm team and develops programming and curriculum to actively engage veterans in the farm. She hopes for the AOVS farm to be a meaningful and empowering space for the veterans and the community.

Faron Levesque

alpha omega veterans services community kitchen coordinator

Teaching has been at the center of Faron’s professional interests since they spent two years directing an after-school program in San Francisco after graduating from Smith College. A historian by trade and educator by choice, Faron recently followed the long, windy road back home to the Bluff City by way of both coasts and, most recently, Madison where they are finishing a PhD in History at the University of Wisconsin.

Faron’s doctoral research follows educators along a long arc of 20th century North American History and examines how teachers and activists create alternative academies in order to challenge, revitalize, and reimagine education. These are non-traditional educational spaces where dispossessed and disinherited folks are given a chance to seize the means of knowledge production within a democratic classroom sometimes within, but often without formal academic spaces. Faron sees the coordinated efforts of Memphis Tilth and the Alpha Omega Veteran Services as part of a similarly transformative organizing tradition and as alternative academies in their own right.

In collaboration with the AOVS Farm Team and Memphis Tilth, Faron is looking forward to growing a culinary curriculum that combines dynamic histories of struggle and food security movements with hands-on training in food literacy so that vital sites of learning like the kitchen, the garden, and the shared table might serve all of their constituents more fully, more equally.

Jennifer Marshall

GrowMemphis Community Garden Organizer

Jennifer was introduced to gardening at home as a child and those skills manifested themselves in the cultivation of her own home garden with her husband. Living in a food desert inspired collaborative work with her neighbors in Orange Mound to purchase and farm a vacant lot, which developed into a small-scale farm and farmer's market for the neighborhood. As the Community Garden Organizer with Memphis Tilth, Jennifer is a member of the garden team and assists with garden planning and management, teaches the garden Elective for Advance Memphis Students, Assists with farmers market operations and coordination, and continued multi-site community garden maintenance.

Mary Carnes

GrowMemphis Community Garden Site Coordinator

Mary serves as the site coordinator for the garden program at our hospital institution community garden in the pinch District. after Returning from a year of teaching in France, Mary discovered an unexpected love of growing plants. Her focus, since then, has been on the growing process and how it can feed and engage individuals and communities. She has volunteered on several farms and gardens, worked as a farm assistant on two local farms and expanded her knowledge of horticulture and home gardening by working at a plant nursery. She hopes to promote the importance of urban agriculture in the city of Memphis and to teach locals how to love good food, green spaces, and the community that grows there.

Ashley Atkins 

GrowMemphis Community Garden Associate

Ashley began her professional career at GrowMemphis in 2013 as the Garden Program Manager. ashley currently helps the growmemphis program manage special community projects and grants. She also oversees a hummingbird and butterfly garden at our hospital institution site in the pinch district. Ashley has successfully developed an annual urban agricultural themed workshop series and established the first seed library in West Tennessee.

Devan Del Conte

GrowMemphis Community Garden Associate

devan Del Conte serves on our team of growmemphis community garden associates, assisting in our hospital institution community garden in the pinch District. Devan is a native Memphian who learned a love of gardening from her grandfather. Devan studied material physics at University of Memphis where she assisted on research in solar technology development. She went on to pursue graduate studies in Creative Writing, specifically socially and ecologically conscious fiction that examines the interplay between people and place. She hopes very much to one day have chickens and a goat or two in her backyard.

Kelvin Neely

Bring It Food Hub Manager

Kelvin serves as the Food Hub Manager of the Bring It Food Hub. Kelvin is a native Memphian, with deep ties to our region’s food culture. Kelvin’s grandfather established Memphis’ famed Interstate Barbecue in 1979, where he began working at a young age to learn the family business. Although now a practicing vegetarian, Kelvin owes his love of food and his earliest business lessons to working alongside his family at Interstate Barbecue. Kelvin worked his way up in the family business, managing two Interstate Barbecue locations by college. In addition to managing two restaurant locations, Kelvin also oversaw the restaurant's shipping parcel, staff, vendor relations, and marketing for the restaurant and its brand.

Kelvin earned a Bachelor's degree from the University of Memphis, studying Finance and Organizational Leadership. While studying finance in college, Kelvin balanced his time between school, working at the restaurants, and completing an internship in equity trades at Raymond James. After college, Kelvin pursued a career in municipal bonds at Carty and Company, further expanding his sales and negotiation skills. Along with Kelvin’s passion for business, he has a strong desire to create food systems change for our city, and for our region. In his words, “My goal is to one day see the ever-present problem of food access greatly diminished. I have a desire to be an intricate part of an improved community and city, that as a whole, has made me become such a proud ambassador of Memphis.”

Asuka Taga Yow

Community Kitchen Coordinator

Asuka coordinates our community kitchen programming and instructs our kitchen elective courses for Advance Memphis Work Life students and food insecure communities in Memphis. Her work is made possible by the Tennessee Department of Health Project Diabetes Grant. Asuka is also a ServSafe Food Protection Manager certified instructor and proctor, which is accredited by the American National Standards Institute - Conference for Food Protection. She has an undergraduate degree from University of Memphis and a master’s degree from Michigan State.

Asuka is a native of Osaka, Japan, and is the mother of two wonderful boys. She was introduced to cooking at an early age in her mother’s kitchen where seasonal produce from their family garden was always incorporated. She is excited to share her diverse knowledge of food, with the hopes of inspiring others that the food that we grow can be turned into delicious, accessible, and healthy recipes.

Ainsley Stephens 

administrative associate

ainsley supports the memphis tilth administration team with managing grants, contracts, and program communication and marketing. Ainsley began at Memphis Tilth as an Operations Intern in February 2017. Before Bring It Food Hub joined Memphis Tilth, Ainsley regularly volunteered at the old food hub location. Ainsley was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, graduating from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and history with a minor in Environmental Studies.


Kaylee Burgan

Fellow Research Assistant

Kaylee is working as a Research Assistant for Memphis Tilth to assess the impact of the Memphis Tilth and Alpha Omega Veterans Services Urban Farm and Gardening Project on the lives of veterans. This research will work to identify means of improvement and increase participation and support for the project, produce results that can be used to inform future grants for the project, and understand means of building and maintaining sustainable community partnerships. Kaylee received her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a minor in Psychology at Auburn University in 2017 and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Applied Anthropology with a concentration in Medical Anthropology at the University of Memphis. Her primary research interests involve the interactions between food policy and health, racial health disparities, and syndemic theory.