St. Paul Garden

The St. Paul Garden is a half acre lot across from Memphis Tilth that is used to demonstrate gardening skills to students and community members of the Advance Memphis Garden and Kitchen Elective where students learn the skills to grow and harvest their own food. The garden has multiple in ground plots used for vegetable production, wildflower space, a greenhouse, and a meadow space space installed with native, perennial grasses, flowers, and herbs.The St. Paul Garden is a Certified Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Station and is Certified Naturally Grown and GAP certified.

In 2018, 527 pounds of St. Paul Garden were harvested and given to students of the Garden and Kitchen Elective. During class cycles, students can participate in Friday Workdays through Advance Memphis. Students have opportunities to engage the garden, with elective students taking an ownership and leadership role based on their knowledge and familiarity with that space.

You have taught me so much about how the earth provides for us naturally. My biggest lesson was seeing an abundance of seeds grown from one plant but only one seed is required to plant what we want!
— Student (Anonymous)