It all starts in the ground.

At Memphis Tilth, we believe that what grows together, goes together, whether you’re talking about produce or people. Community gardens help grow just that: community. Gardens also help address blight, provide a sustainable and renewable food source, and fight food inequity.

Community Gardens

What started in 2001 as one garden in the Orange Mound neighborhood has grown into more than 55 gardens in 15 different ZIP codes. The Community Gardens program—formerly GrowMemphis—helps communities build gardens to improve access to locally grown food in their neighborhoods, to reduce blight and increase environmental sustainability and beautification, and to encourage community development, collaboration and empowerment.

Seed Library

Housed at the Benjamin L. Hooks Library, the Seed Library preserves fruit, vegetable and flower seeds that are best suited to grow in our region for members to “check out” and plant. Members then are encouraged to return new seeds for future use.

Memphis Center for Food and Faith (MCFF)

The MCFF promotes healthy earth and healthy people through church-supported agriculture. The MCFF facilitates workshops to promote congregational-supported agriculture and foodways for a thriving local economy. The MCFF partners with local, like-minded entities, including Binghampton Development Corporation and Christian Brothers University, to execute its vision.