The Memphis Center for Food and Faith (MCFF), founded in 2012, is a registered 501c3 nonprofit. The mission of The Memphis Center for Food and Faith promotes health of land and community through church-supported agriculture. The MCFF facilitates clergy and congregational workshops to promote congregational supported agriculture and foodways for a thriving local economy. The MCFF envisions community partnerships cultivating a wealth of healthy soils and well-fed souls from urban core to rural edge.

To complement our educational efforts, the MCFF works diligently to build-out and energize pathways for a stronger community-based food economy. The project management of Urban Farms, in the Binghamton community, is an example of our work in action. Since July 2014, in partnership with the Binghampton Development Corporation, the Memphis Center for Food and Faith has provided leadership and assistance to help Urban Farms become a lasting model of urban agriculture and community renewal in support of a stronger local food economy. The successful launch of Bring It Food Hub provides another example. The MCFF developed and incubated the food hub in 2013 before launching it as an independent nonprofit in January 2014.

The MCFF in partnership with Christian Brothers University launched the Memphis Tilth Food and Faith Initiative on October 26, 2016 at the CBU event VANG: A Drama about Recent Immigrant Farmers