Community Kitchen Classes

A licensed and properly equipped community kitchen featuring programming for the promotion of culinary education, shared meal preparation, and value-added production. The Community Kitchen Class at Memphis Tilth HQ in partnership with Advance Memphis and funded by the Tennessee Department of Health, Project Diabetes Grant. The Community Kitchen Class elective will improve awareness of healthy eating practices to further encourage the purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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Goals of our Community Kitchen classes are to reduce the incidence of overweight, obesity, pre-diabetes and/or diabetes in TN, increase access to healthy food options, increase affordability of healthy food options and increase awareness of healthy eating practices.


Garden and Kitchen Elective: 
A Strategic Partnership with Advance Memphis

The purpose of the elective is to:

  • Promote physical activity by engaging the St. Paul garden and garden activities

  • Enhance the physical and built environment through the care and cultivation of the St. Paul garden

  • Encourage practices that recognize and reduce overconsumption of unhealthy food and beverage options and to make healthy food and beverage options more readily available

  • Increase participant knowledge and confidence in engaging and performing garden/growing-related activities

  • Increase familiarity and recognition of local fruits and vegetables through exposure

  • Empower participants with the confidence to prepare food for the purpose of increased fruit and vegetable intake 

Focusing on Memphis and 38126

  • Memphis is the most obese large city in America (over 1 million people)

  • Leading causes of death and disability: heart disease and stroke

  • 38126: Median income is $13,667 and 74% of families live below the poverty line

  • Significant barriers to access to purchase and consume healthy foods

  • Lack of full-service grocery stores

  • Lack of knowledge of healthy eating

  • Lack of affordable and quality produce options

  • Lack of basic kitchen equipment


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Tiffany Marks

Tiffany Marks was one of our Garden and Kitchen Elective students in 2018. She is 44 year old mother that struggles with diabetes and other health conditions. Before she attended the elective, she was drinking 360 grams of sugar per day (10 times more than recommended). After 6 weeks in the elective, her sugar consumption went down 96% to 15 grams of sugar per day. She also quit smoking cigarettes, stopped adding salt and extra sugar when cooking, and started reading nutrition labels.

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Kimberly Eason

ServSafe Elective graduate, Kimberly Eason, is now working in a cafeteria at Lemoyne-Owen College. We are happy that Kim is using skills from the elective at her new job.

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Janita Hod

Garden and Kitchen Elective graduate, Jonita Hood, is now working in a kitchen at Mitsubishi Electric on President's Island. We are happy that Jonita is using skills from the elective at the Mitsubishi kitchen.