Community Kitchen

A community kitchen is a space where folks can meet on a regular basis to plan, cook, and share healthy and affordable meals. It’s about creating a culture of radical care based on solidarity, sustainability, and access to fresh, local food. It’s about offering a culinary curriculum that combines histories of struggle and food justice movements with hands-on training in food safety and food skills.

The Community Kitchen Class in partnership with Alpha Omega Veterans Services Inc. will improve AOVS residents’ awareness of healthy eating practices to further encourage the purchase and consumption of fruits and vegetables.

[The class] has helped me to be more aware and connected to the kind of foods I eat and is helping me to see that there are better healthier alternatives to pre-packaged fruits and vegetables.
— AOVS resident
The skills and knowledge gained from the class have helped me] reconsider the ways I buy and consume food…it’s valuable information.
— AOVS resident