We currently have the following certificates for our gardens:


GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification for farms ensures a healthy food supply is able to reach the market and ultimately the tables of those who need fresh, healthy food. Memphis Tilth fills that need in the Mid-South by hosting free training at our facility in Memphis.


Food Safety

Marmilu Farms

Marmilu Farms

Farming practices and ethical standards

Bring It Food Hub’s core focus is on delivering high quality products which reflect the values of the local food movement, and as such it is essential that our suppliers employ ethical practices in dealing with livestock and ensure the safety of their employees, animals, and consumers.

The following are practices are prohibited:
• The use of Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics.
• Non-Vegetarian Feed for livestock.
• Confinement in crates or cages, crowding, or other handling practices which deny animals an enriched environment and inhibit natural behavior.

In addition to the standards specified by Bring It Food Hub, all product handling and transportation standards must adhere to the safety guidelines set forth by the USDA.