We promote community development in Memphis and the Mid-South by increasing access to healthy, affordable local foods and strengthening farmer livelihoods.


We work closely with regional farmers who follow sustainable production practices that conserve natural resources and biodiversity. We sell local fruits, vegetables, eggs and value-added products to individuals, congregations, restaurants and institutions in Memphis. To learn more about the food hub or purchase a produce subscription, click here Bring It Food Hub. Bring It Food Hub is an aggregate distributor of local produce sourced from over two dozen specialty crop growers within 150 miles of Memphis, TN. Our distribution channels are wholesale (restaurants, caterers, nonprofits, large institutions) and direct-to-consumer (subscription service).

The work you do on behalf of farmers is invaluable to our community, and we sincerely appreciate your help in letting us do what we love and what we do best.
— Farmer, Wilson Gardens

Wholesale Partnerships

Our subscription model gives not only farmers a place to sell their produce but also the community a way to buy straight-from-the-farm fresh produce through our Bring it Food Hub program.