/tilTH/ good soil.good heart

Tilth is an Old English word that stands for the quality of soil. In older meaning, the word also stood for the cultivation of wisdom and the spirit.

β€œThe Tilth serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between gardeners, farmers, beekeepers, tree planters, ranchers, orchardists, and everyone else seeking the creation of local sustainable agriculture and forestry.”

The Future is Abundant: A Guide to Sustainable Agriculture, Tilth

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Our mission is to cultivate collective action for an economically sustainable, socially equitable, and environmentally sound local food system.

Our History

2015 | Memphis Tilth Chartered
2016 | GrowMemphis and Urban Farms Memphis dissolved and became programs of Memphis Tilth
2016 | The Memphis Center for Food and Faith along with Christian Brothers University Launched The Memphis Tilth, Food, and Faith Initiative ; Partnership with St. Jude Garden and Services 2016 l Strategic Partnership with Advance Memphis for Garden to Table Education Elective and St. Paul Garden
2017 | Bring It Food Hub dissolved and joined Memphis Tilth as a program 2018 | Strategic partnership with Alpha Omega Veterans Services Inc.